Explore the Best Parks around Kitimat

Spring has finally come and the weather is getting better. It is a great time to see what amazing trails and parks in and around Kitimat. Kitimat’s terrain makes it perfect for scenic hiking trails, biking trails, and pedestrian pathways. Uniquely connected roads with paths through green spaces makes the town one big trail. If you are looking for the best parks around Kitimat, here are a few that are worth the visit.

Giant Spruce Park

Located on the edge of the Kitimat River floodplain which can be accessed from Highway 37, just turn left on Kuldo Boulevard.

Giant Spruce Park is home to the largest Spruce tree in BC. It is estimated to be over 500 years old and is the oldest living organism in the Kitimat Valley.  The tree has a circumference of approximately 11 meters and at one point stood at 50 meters tall.

The park is easy to access and very close to Kitimat.

Best Parks around Kitimat

Kitimat River Provincial Park

Kitimat River Provincial Park is about 6 km north of Kitimat. Access to the park is by foot, on the west side of Highway 37. The entire size park is close to 57 hectares.

The park is home to some old-growth Sitka Spruce and Red Cedar trees located on the natural floodplain. It also protects Grizzly Bear habitat and culturally modified trees. Designated as a conservation for bears and Sitka and red cedar forest, the park plays an important role in the area’s ecosystem.

The park offers campfires, walk-in camping and winter camping letting people come year round to enjoy hiking, fishing, and some hunting.

Anderson Creek/Moore Creek Falls

Located south of Kitimat, these mini trails are excellent viewpoints for both falls. It makes a great local park to visit and explore. This is a relatively protected area because of the fragile ecosystem that occupies the area. The trail is quite short and flat making it easy to traverse.

The falls are a great place to take amazing pictures and to take in the wondrous beauty of the simplistic landscape which makes it one of the best parks around Kitimat.

Coghlin Park View Point

Found at the entrance of Kitimat, this park offers an extraordinary view of the town, coastal mountains, Minette Bay and Douglas Channel.

Its large grass field, park benches, and flowers make it the perfect place for family picnics and outings. The breath-taking view lets you see for miles and convince you Kitimat is a beautiful place.

Don’t Miss Out

There you have it, just a few truly amazing parks and mini trails you can visit just minutes away from Kitimat. Remember to stay prepared, carry plenty of water, a camera, and weatherproof clothing incase the weather decides to turn. So come explore these best parks around Kitimat.