History of Kitimat, it’s worth the Look

The rich history of Kitimat comes from an expansion of industry and the pursuit of growth. since the development of the town of the 1950’s, Kitimat has been through a number of changes. These changes have brought about an eager workforce and now a place where people can settle down. The word “Kitamaat” is from the Tsimshian people, who originate from Prince Rupert and Metlakatla areas. The Haisla name for Kitamaat Village is “Tsee-Motsa”, meaning Snag Beach.

Timeline of Kitimat

The first people to live in the Kitimat Valley were the Haisla First Nations people. Much of the history and deep roots of the town comes from the Haisla people. Nowadays, most Haisla people live in the Kitamaat Village area which is 20 minutes away from Kitimat.

In the late 1800s/ early 1900s, European pioneers settled in the Kitimat area. They had planned to settle in the region and capitalize when the railroad was built.

history of kitimat

Historic Places to visit in Kitimat

Kitimat Museum & Archives

If you are wanting to see photographs and artifacts depicting this the history of Kitimat and Kitamaat Village, you should check out the Kitimat Museum & Archives. The museum explores the town history, settlement, the 1950s boom, and Haisla art and culture. It also showcases the geography and geology of the Kitimat Valley. Learn about the sea life of the Douglas Channel and the flora and fauna.

Enjoy the self-guided walkway circle routes and interpretive signs.

Visitors Center

The Visitor Centre is the first building visitors see upon entering Kitimat. Heritage Park, located in front of our Visitor Centre, displays flags from ethnic groups in our community and provides picnic tables, gazebo and information kiosk.

Kitamaat Village

The village sits on a 1640 acre plot of reserve land. It is one of the wettest regions in B.C., making for forests thick with Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock, Red Cedar trees which tower over salmon berry, dogwood, and willows. This area contains a rich biodiverse habitat for bears, wolves, deer, foxes, and wolverines.

Stop by Kitamaat Village and do a walking tour of the totem poles.

Kitimat a is a small, perfectly designed town where you can truely see where history has made its mark.